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Entraineur(e) en chef

Total Records: 12 (0 in 2019)

Years on List: 2013-2015, 2017, 2018

Since 1996, there has only been 4 people with this position. Their salary information is below.

ANDREW SPARKSUniversity of Ottawa114347.680.002018thgkyd
ANDREW SPARKSUniversity of Ottawa109561.940.002017thgkyd
ANDREW SPARKSUniversity of Ottawa106870.780.002015thgkyd
ANDREW SPARKSUniversity of Ottawa102905.790.002014thgkyd
ANDREW SPARKSUniversity of Ottawa101261.040.002013thgkyd
JAMES BARRESIUniversity of Ottawa118180.1437.802013mnthjs
JAMES DEROUINUniversity of Ottawa107029.3655.582018vzmbdn
JAMES DEROUINUniversity of Ottawa101884.8846.802015vzmbdn
JAMIE BARRESIUniversity of Ottawa125095.2838.722018jwsfqg
JAMIE BARRESIUniversity of Ottawa120960.0044.142017jwsfqg
JAMIE BARRESIUniversity of Ottawa120000.0046.802015jwsfqg
JAMIE BARRESIUniversity of Ottawa120000.0044.552014jwsfqg

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